Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sew what!

Lovely Janet Granger dollhouse cushion kits! My daughter did up the first pillow and I am attempting the next. What took her a few hours is consuming days for me.... I thought this skill was inherited???
In my defense, she has much younger eyes.

I have filled the pillow with lovely french lavender. The pillows not only appear softer and more cushiony but they smell gorgeous. I had better get quicker at this because Janet has a wonderful matching carpet kit.


  1. I wonder if you could tell me who made your carpet under this display it looks beautiful.
    Thank you
    Sharon Chrystal

  2. I smiled when I saw your 'Judith' cushion kits, that is the design I did on one of my first kits from Janet Granger: carpet, cushions, and footstool. I have used them in my 'Stitcher's Retreat' roombox that I am in the process of filling now. I've put photos of it on my blog.