Friday, April 12, 2013

New curio cabinet and doll shoes.

A bought a little cupboard to showcase some of the pretty things I have just sitting in boxes waiting on the dollhouse.  I don't think I will ever finish it!  There really isn't that much to do, but I am working too many hours to find the time to do anything these day... with the exception of internet shopping.  I always manage to find time for that.  Speaking of internet, I have managed to set my google to a language I don't understand and can't seem to get rid of it, plus I can't get into my email.  Some people shouldn't be let loose with technology and I am one of them.

I may have finally purchased the one Jane Newman dresser that seemed to always elude me!  I am excited and can't wait until it arrives, only problem I haven't heard back from the seller and there is no tracking number.  I am a little nervous.
Although not miniature related I have decided that you all have to see my Enchanted doll's new sterling silver Art Nouveau helmet and because a girl can't have too many shoes, we have been shopping for those too.... I don't think I would ever spend as much on a pair of shoes for myself!  One pair is sterling silver and matches her helmet, there is a pair of Rose gold shoes and a pair of gold and pink enameled shoes.  They are so wee and pretty!