Friday, December 21, 2012

New Stokesayware

Since I had two Jane Newman nearly identical washstands, I decided to paint one.  I was a tough decision actually as I love Jane Newman and didn't want to ruin it.  I did it anyway and I think it turned out quite well.  I may need to spray the drawer again but the rest of it is quite smooth.  I had ordered the Nursery wash set from Stokesayware including the tiles and replaced the existing tiles.  I am quite pleased with the results as it mimics the washstand on the Stokesayware website.

Some lovely new (well new to me) miniatures including a lovely pudding bowl and teeny tiny metal whisk complete with wooden handle and a large pastry bowl and cutter from Sir Thomas Thumb. Also note the cheese wheel on the blue and white compote (in case it just looked like a lump of moldy cake).
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Success at last!!!

I am finally able to say I am the proud owner of a pair of Jane Newman kitchen chairs and a smaller Jane Newman  table with a cutlery drawer that may actually fit better into my dollhouse kitchen.  I am so happy!!

I may have also given in to temptation and purchased yet another Jane Newman large dresser and duckboard table!  In my defense, maybe someone would like to trade the Jane Newman dresser for the medium sized one....anybody!!!

Waiting on Jane Newman/dollhouse cat

I am sitting here absolutely glued in place as I watch Ron Rhoads on-line auction waiting for lot 269.
I am growing weary and a little discouraged as I chase after all the Jane Newman miniature chairs available for sale across the globe.  Will today be the day when I finally own a pair?..... I will let you know as soon as I do.
In the meantime I have decided to post a picture of my attempt at constructing a dollhouse cat.  Okay, no laughing!!!  He is a little, shall we say, mangy looking. 

Picture with my scabby looking cat is a Siamese
kitten I bought of ebay from the seller Reve.  Isn't the kitten sweet?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Miniature knitting

 Look at how tiny the stitches are and how dainty the edge of the blanket is!
I don't know who made the dress on the right, but isn't it pretty too?
I wanted to share some of the miniature knitting I have acquired to go with my Roberson pram.  The pram blanket, christening gown, underslip, matinee coat plus a tiny bonnet, underpants and wee slippers were made by Virginia Sullivan.  They are exquisite and I am so pleased with them.  I commissioned her to make them after buying a little pram outfit on ebay from her.  I believe she goes by miniknits on ebay.  I can't even imagine how she manages to knit so tiny.  I can barely see the stitches let along knit them!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cabinet

I am ashamed to say it but the only thing miniature wise I find I have time to do these days is shop!
I just purchased a beautiful antique mirrored back cabinet for my miniatures so I can enjoy them until the doll house is finished.  I have acquired some brilliant new minis including Stokesay ware, copper pan and meat dome plus my newish Roberson Royal pram which I have not shared until now.  I also had a wonderful woman in Great Britain knit a pram blanket and christening gown set for it but will show on another post very soon.... I hope very soon.

Beautiful Jane Newman and Stokesay ware

Lisa Johnson- Richard's doll Emma and Jane

Roberson Royal Pram

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Progress on Washtub

I am finding that the best way to work on my little Washtub Cottage is to do everything in tiny bite size pieces, so I am plugging away a tiny bit at a time.
 Here is the progress thus far.....

The Cottage is meant to look rustic and since I made a mistake and had the wires for my main floor lightening coming out on the wrong side, the wood flooring is  now extra rustic.  As you can tell, the little cottage is so wee sitting next to my cup of tea and biscuits.

Monday, September 10, 2012

1:48 scale furniture

It has been very difficult over the last few months to accomplish anything miniature wise, or otherwise for that matter.  We have been working non-stop at the auction house and at the minute I am cataloging three auction!
 We recently were given an estate of a model train collector and it was extensive. So much so, that we have decided to do just a train and vintage toy auction.  Alas, no dolls or doll houses just boys toys.  We are also going to start selling firearms in the coming months which meant I had to take firearms course.  Talk about out of my element!  First a course on long guns and rifles and then one on hand guns and semi-autos etc.  I am proud to say I did extremely well, although some of the guns presented quite a challenge size wise.  Off to auctioneering school in the coming weeks. We will see how that goes....
I did manage to work on a little bit of 1:48th scale furniture for my Petite Properties Washtub cottage which I hope to have more time this week to work on.  I would love to get that finished before the snow flies, which judging from the temperatures today doesn't feel so far off.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Jane Newman dressing table

It has been a great month for finding lovely Jane Newman miniature pieces and I am so pleased to have acquired this lovely dressing table. I am ever so slightly Newman obsessed as her pieces are so well scaled and lovely!

I am also pleased to tell everyone that I made snap decision yesterday and booked a ticket to New Orleans to attend the UFDC (United Federation of Doll Collectors) annual convention. I haven't been to convention since 2008 and I have working so long and hard lately that I am due.  So there you have it, that is all my news. If there are any antique doll houses (which there always are) I will snap pictures of them and share them when I return.

Oh and my husband reset the original stone from my engagement ring into a pretty new setting-and I am pretty pleased with that too!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of lovely new miniatures!!

I have so much to tell you and to show you!!!  This week has been a mini bonanza....
Firstly I received my new smaller Jane Newman dresser as my other one was a bit big for my tiny doll house kitchen.  This one should fit much nicer.  Now I have to work on getting more Stokesay ware to fill it.

I also received a whole bunch of new Royalty plates as I am a Royalty nut.  My mum and dad just returned for a trip to Britain and I had ordered some Staffordshire Royalty china to commemorate the
Diamond Jubilee. They transported it back from England and saved me the postage costs.
I managed to find a Royal Staffordshire miniature plate that matches my china so I had to have it.
-did you see my little William and Kate biscuit tin on the bottom of the dresser?

 Last but in no ways least, my new Lisa Johnson-Richards doll Jane arrived!!!!  Isn't she beautiful???  She has come to live with her sister Emma in my little (soon to be finished?, maybe?) doll house....
She is very similar to Emma and they both are sporting their beautiful crisp white regency gowns, but Jane has long sleeves and a shawl and Emma has long gloves.  Jane's hair is a lovely platinum colour where as Emma's hair is a lovely honey blonde.  I am thrilled beyond all belief!!  I felt poor Emma was a bit lonely and what better company than her own dear sister?  Here is a little secret.... Jane and Emma may be getting a wee baby soon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doll House Parrot

I decided to make myself a little doll house parrot using the tutorial by Kerri Pajutee. Although he is a far cry from Kerri's beautiful work, I think he turned out quite cute.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Most abandoned blog on the internet!!

I think I may be in danger of having the most abandoned blog on the internet! What with car crashes, work and home, life has been pretty hectic around here. I am showing my new and wonderful finished Janet Granger needlework kits completed by wonderful Sue in the UK. I have a new bolster cushion, beautiful firescreen, framed Georgian sampler and a tiny foot stool. So pretty! Also you can see I have finished installing the flooring and lighting in my room and will show it lit at a later date. I have included a picture of my nearly completed bathroom although baseboards and crown molding are absent in all rooms. Progress is slow to say the least but I am still plugging along. (just click on pictures to make bigger)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Downton Abbey doll house dolls!!

I don't know if anyone else out there is as enthralled in Downton Abbey as I am but I am sure I am not the only one. I can't believe we have to wait another year for Season 3!!!
The Dowanger Violet, Lavinia, Jane the maid, Mrs. Patmore and young Daisy.

These are Downton Abbey inspired doll house dolls from my favorite miniature doll artist Lisa Johnson Richards. Aren't they wonderful?!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smaller Scale Furniture

Having enjoyed making my 1/44th Georgian House so much, I have decided that I am going to try yet another scale 1/48th. I dug out the Fiona Broadbent project books and had a go making a little cottage sink. I am quite pleased with the results although I may give it a little spray with a sealer.
I have also ordered Washtub Cottage from Petite Properties though was such a hard decision trying to pick my first project house as they are all so lovely. It is now on it's way! If I not get around to starting it this winter, but I have all summer at the lake and I am hoping something this tiny is easily transportable.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My 1/44 Georgian House

I have just (well nearly) finished a little 1/44th Georgian doll house kit from Keith at Small-time miniatures. It is a doll house for my doll house!! Having never built or lit a small house (or any house) before I decided to use a AAA battery and lights that I obtained at a hobby shop geared mostly for RC and train enthusiasts. I live in western Canada and unfortunately we are do not have the specialty shops that cater to miniaturists or hobbyists, we are a large country but seriously underpopulated so they wouldn't be viable here. I do know more than I did before I started this little property and will approach my next tiny project differently. I found this little house a bit challenging which I did not anticipate when I started. I should have done a bit more thinking before I plunged in ei: cut the wallpaper for on the inside of the house front before gluing in windows etc.
Tiny tip: When assembling little houses under the watchful eye of your three year-old grandson don't walk away and expect it to look quite the same when you return. Certainly nothing a little glue couldn't fix and most likely all railings of that era were a little split and bend anyhow!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My first give-away winner!!!

I would like to thank everyone who follow my blog and entered my first give-away! Now I have a bunch of new blogs to follow myself and can't wait to get the time to go through them all.
I believe this is how this is done....

Thank you and congratulations to Jorgelina! I have sent you an email and if you could please send me your address I will pop it in the post ASAP
Thanks to everyone who said nice things about my give-away and blog.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first give-away!!!

Although progress on the dollhouse has been slow (to say the least) that doesn't mean little jobs are being done. I have recently gotten into carpets so have gone a little hog wild in making them lately
So as a thank-you to the people that follow me and allow me to follow them, I would like to offer two lovely needlework cushions by Susan in the UK and a small carpet for your dollhouse floor. Just leave comments in my comment section and I will let you know on January 23,2012 (after the next auction)

Susan sells under the name dogstobytoby in ebay and currently has some beautiful tudor style needlework wallhangings up for auction so please check them out as all her profits go to support Downs Syndrome.
Check out my new blog "At the auction" to see what is going on in the auction house.

Where does the time go??

I am absolutely amazed at how long it has been since I updated my blog! Where does the time go? Everyone in the family contracted the flu over Christmas and with another auction this weekend, I am extremely busy at work.

In this update I wanted to treat you to some beautiful needlework that Susan in the UK has done for me. I found her on ebay and bought some of her beautiful dollhouse needlework and was thrilled when it arrived in the post. I have since asked her to do some Janet Granger cushion kits for me and recently a tea cozy which I have always wanted. This is actually the second tea cozy she has made for me as Canada Post managed to lose the first.

Which leads me to my next post.......