Saturday, May 23, 2015

and still more pictures from Kensington

 This is one of the entries for the miniature artisan competition open to vendors of the festival. I don't remember the vendor's name as he didn't have any business cards left.
 My husband was in love with the scale of these large houses.  I think if he could have figured out how to get one home he would have.
 So wonderful!

 Another shot of the Mulvaney and Roger's "Miss Havisham Wedding Breakfast", as I said before, getting a good picture was a bit difficult owing to the amount of traffic in front of this exhibit.
Art of Mini exhibit.  So lovely.  This stall was always heavy trafficked so although I managed to purchase a few bits, there were tons more that I would have like to have taken home with me.

Some pictures from the Kensington dollshouse festival

 Ray Storey's beautiful light fixtures. I am sure he must have sold out as they were going very quickly.  So beautiful!
 Mulvaney and Rogers "Miss Havisham's Wedding Breakfast" was just incredible.  It was hard to get a good picture as it was a very popular exhibit.

 A beautiful Victorian kitchen, so inspirational.

Lucy Askew's exhibit with all the beautiful frames, furnishings and her exquisite gilt framed mirrors.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Back from Kensington

Back from Kensington dollshouse festival 2015!  What a wonderful show and a great week in London.  Back to work and reality now.  Before we left for Great Britain we had just secured a contract to auction the contents of the oldest bed and breakfast in Edmonton.  26 rooms of antiques, mostly bedroom suites, but also little settee, desks, chairs and sideboards well as artworks. While we were gone the rest of the gang photoed and catalogued most of the contents and today is finishing typing up the catalogue before the trucks come to haul it all back to the auction house which I have been informed looks like a bomb went off sigh....

I managed to acquire some of my beloved Stokesay ware in the Willow blue as I was determined to do before I set off. It is now set out on one of my Jane Newman sideboards and safely in the cabinet.
I am filled with inspiration since my visit but alas I didn't find too much to go in my little French house ala Lea Frisoni.  I did get some more lime wood the day before I left so I can start making my Versaille floors for the sitting room.  I also bought some lino flooring for the second floor hallway as the piece I had would have had to be pieced and I was not happy about that at all.

I sure anyone who has decided to follow this blog will soon tire of the endless photos from the festival but word of warning, once I figure out how to work the camera card, that is what it will be.

Have a lovely week everybody!