Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smaller Scale Furniture

Having enjoyed making my 1/44th Georgian House so much, I have decided that I am going to try yet another scale 1/48th. I dug out the Fiona Broadbent project books and had a go making a little cottage sink. I am quite pleased with the results although I may give it a little spray with a sealer.
I have also ordered Washtub Cottage from Petite Properties though was such a hard decision trying to pick my first project house as they are all so lovely. It is now on it's way! If I not get around to starting it this winter, but I have all summer at the lake and I am hoping something this tiny is easily transportable.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My 1/44 Georgian House

I have just (well nearly) finished a little 1/44th Georgian doll house kit from Keith at Small-time miniatures. It is a doll house for my doll house!! Having never built or lit a small house (or any house) before I decided to use a AAA battery and lights that I obtained at a hobby shop geared mostly for RC and train enthusiasts. I live in western Canada and unfortunately we are do not have the specialty shops that cater to miniaturists or hobbyists, we are a large country but seriously underpopulated so they wouldn't be viable here. I do know more than I did before I started this little property and will approach my next tiny project differently. I found this little house a bit challenging which I did not anticipate when I started. I should have done a bit more thinking before I plunged in ei: cut the wallpaper for on the inside of the house front before gluing in windows etc.
Tiny tip: When assembling little houses under the watchful eye of your three year-old grandson don't walk away and expect it to look quite the same when you return. Certainly nothing a little glue couldn't fix and most likely all railings of that era were a little split and bend anyhow!!