Thursday, June 11, 2015

Snails pace

Dollhouse building has slowed to a crawl.  With playing catch up at work, grand babies and just summer, nothing is getting done. 

I did however finally manage to complete my second floor stair case which proved very difficult for me this time.  I couldn't get the railing to fit right and ended up extending the two wire stair rails on the first two steps in order to get things to look right.  The rail is a little wavy looking but I suspect that won't be noticed once the bathroom door is in.  Plus the living room/hallway wall is too tall so that will have to be cut down before I can continue.
I have also repainted the front hall.  What seemed like a hint of peach read as deep peach in such a confined space so I have painted it cream so it matches the kitchen and ultimately the rest of the house better.  I am contemplating changing the front hall ceiling fixture as I have managed to obtain one like the one used by Lea on the picture of her book.  I think I might move this one up a floor and have the hallway behind the bathroom lit up.  Hopefully I will find the time and more over the motivation to work on the little house.  If I actually worked on it instead of just thinking about working on it, I am sure I would be nearly done by now.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

and still more pictures from Kensington

 This is one of the entries for the miniature artisan competition open to vendors of the festival. I don't remember the vendor's name as he didn't have any business cards left.
 My husband was in love with the scale of these large houses.  I think if he could have figured out how to get one home he would have.
 So wonderful!

 Another shot of the Mulvaney and Roger's "Miss Havisham Wedding Breakfast", as I said before, getting a good picture was a bit difficult owing to the amount of traffic in front of this exhibit.
Art of Mini exhibit.  So lovely.  This stall was always heavy trafficked so although I managed to purchase a few bits, there were tons more that I would have like to have taken home with me.

Some pictures from the Kensington dollshouse festival

 Ray Storey's beautiful light fixtures. I am sure he must have sold out as they were going very quickly.  So beautiful!
 Mulvaney and Rogers "Miss Havisham's Wedding Breakfast" was just incredible.  It was hard to get a good picture as it was a very popular exhibit.

 A beautiful Victorian kitchen, so inspirational.

Lucy Askew's exhibit with all the beautiful frames, furnishings and her exquisite gilt framed mirrors.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Back from Kensington

Back from Kensington dollshouse festival 2015!  What a wonderful show and a great week in London.  Back to work and reality now.  Before we left for Great Britain we had just secured a contract to auction the contents of the oldest bed and breakfast in Edmonton.  26 rooms of antiques, mostly bedroom suites, but also little settee, desks, chairs and sideboards well as artworks. While we were gone the rest of the gang photoed and catalogued most of the contents and today is finishing typing up the catalogue before the trucks come to haul it all back to the auction house which I have been informed looks like a bomb went off sigh....

I managed to acquire some of my beloved Stokesay ware in the Willow blue as I was determined to do before I set off. It is now set out on one of my Jane Newman sideboards and safely in the cabinet.
I am filled with inspiration since my visit but alas I didn't find too much to go in my little French house ala Lea Frisoni.  I did get some more lime wood the day before I left so I can start making my Versaille floors for the sitting room.  I also bought some lino flooring for the second floor hallway as the piece I had would have had to be pieced and I was not happy about that at all.

I sure anyone who has decided to follow this blog will soon tire of the endless photos from the festival but word of warning, once I figure out how to work the camera card, that is what it will be.

Have a lovely week everybody!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Not too tired to shop!

I wish I could say that a lot of progress has been made on my little French house since my last post, but alas.... this is not the case.

I have managed to get the skeleton of the second floor stair case done but I need to cut the wooden  steps and add the railing yet.

Last week we had a two day auction which always stresses me out, plus I thought I could slip in a side trip with some friends between the evening auction preview on the Friday night and the actually auction on the Sunday morning. Long days of auction prep. coupled with no sleep culminated into a disastrous evening out at a restaurant with my husband involving a pair of crab claw crackers, a cup of hot coffee and a cold ride home because he made me sit on my coat so I didn't stain the car seats. Add two stressful days of auctions and I have been a walking zombie.  Luckily, I did managed to shop.

I actually did put together a little Icelandic poppy kit (above) from Pascale Garnier while watching television last week.  The carpet is from Lavenderdilly on etsy.

 Again above, Lavenderdilly carpet and the laundry rack and basket plus gorgeous roses are ala Lea Frisoni at AtelierdeLea on etsy.

A bought the little chair from PetiteCollections on etsy as I thought it would match my settee made by Lea.

The lovely little crate is from Pipi Turner, whose site is beyond inspiring!

It is less than a month to the London Dollhouse Festival and I am beyond excited. Unfortunately I have another two day auction to put together before then so no play time or days off in my immediate future.... unless I get sick...cough... cough.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

We're moving on up!

First floor landing is complete!... well, I do have to fix one minor boo boo. Although I had thought that I had fixed my socket into my wall very securely, I neglected to glue it to something behind the foam core and when I went to plug a lamp into the hallway I pushed the socket right through the wall. Anyhow,  I had to cut through the wall, dig out the socket and stuff some wood behind it.  The wall is now patched and drying.  I don't think I will be trying to pull the lamp plug out of the socket any time soon.  There goes my plans of having a lit up Jack- o- lantern at Halloween.

 Picture this with the requisite French shabby Chic furnishings and not the bits and pieces I am having to make do with for now.

I was a bit disappointed at my front hall floor, it was an awful lot of hand cutting and I ended up installing it slightly crooked, but I have moved on.
 My plan now is to have a good old tidy up and organize everything and then start the second floor.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kitchen finished!

I have finally finished the kitchen on my little French house. I am quite happy with the kitchen floor, especially the colour.  I had originally bought a paint colour called Spanish Tile which I thought I would like but it actually looked a lot like pasta sauce spread all over the floor.  I added some cream paint on top and it looked like pasta sauce with cheese, complete disaster. The floor is now a kind of putty greenish colour and I waxed it before and after grouting and it has a lovely sheen to it.  I added a mantle over the space reserved for a stove and the little shelves in the end cupboard plus the roof lighting and a gas meter for effect.

 The little roses on the table started as a little kit which took me HOURS to do!  Hndreds of tiny tissue paper tear drop petals to be shaped and glued one by one. No wonder it is so expensive to buy handmade dollhouse flowers.

That is all for this week, I hope to be able to show you the completed front hall next week, I am close, but am still working on the floor. I love dollhouse Sundays! but I wish there were more of them in a week.

Have a lovely week everyone!!