Thursday, June 11, 2015

Snails pace

Dollhouse building has slowed to a crawl.  With playing catch up at work, grand babies and just summer, nothing is getting done. 

I did however finally manage to complete my second floor stair case which proved very difficult for me this time.  I couldn't get the railing to fit right and ended up extending the two wire stair rails on the first two steps in order to get things to look right.  The rail is a little wavy looking but I suspect that won't be noticed once the bathroom door is in.  Plus the living room/hallway wall is too tall so that will have to be cut down before I can continue.
I have also repainted the front hall.  What seemed like a hint of peach read as deep peach in such a confined space so I have painted it cream so it matches the kitchen and ultimately the rest of the house better.  I am contemplating changing the front hall ceiling fixture as I have managed to obtain one like the one used by Lea on the picture of her book.  I think I might move this one up a floor and have the hallway behind the bathroom lit up.  Hopefully I will find the time and more over the motivation to work on the little house.  If I actually worked on it instead of just thinking about working on it, I am sure I would be nearly done by now.