Monday, January 4, 2016

Midwinter treat.

I decided to give myself a little after Christmas treat and order all three issues of  Miniologie magazines
I came across their website during a late night mini hunt a awhile ago and now am so glad I decided to order them. They are simply delicious and diet approved!

It is advertised as a twice yearly publication but to date only Summer and Fall 2013 and Winter/Holiday 2013 seem to have been created.  I ordered them a few days after Christmas and in less than a week they arrived at my door in Canada which is absolutely amazing!

The Winter/Holiday 2013 edition features mini artist Lea Frisoni with some of her loveliest French style Christmas vignettes.
This little kitchen scene is positively sublime.  If you need a little after Christmas pick me up I encourage you to order this little set of magazines and hopefully we can encourage it's authors to make more issues.