Sunday, February 17, 2013

Plum and Pears

I received some tiny plums and pears for my little doll house table a few weeks ago.  Are they divine??? ... and the lovely little baskets too! I bought them off a lady on ebay and the detail is outstanding! Unfortunately thanks to a little bit of presbyopia, I can view the detail better in a picture than in my hand.  The maker of my tiny fruit sells on ebay under the sellers name Jklr4, check her out, she is sooo talented.

Also featured in my new Jane Newman coffee grinder, the crank turns and the little drawer open!  The detail of Jane Newman miniatures never fails to amaze!

Thank you so much to Blanche from who has informed me that my lovely plums and pears are made by a  lady called Kiva Atkinson and provided a website for anyone interested in purchasing some lovely fruit/veg. etc.  Now excuse me while I do a bit more shopping!!!