Monday, October 24, 2011

Introducing Emma

It has been a good long while since this blog was updated and with good reason....
Drastic changes have happened as I am no longer working in an eye clinic but am now working in the antique auction biz. This field is not foreign to me as it was my ex-husband's family business. He recently bought an auction house and asked me to quit my job and help him run it and I did!! It is very exciting and so much not like work even though the hours are long and very unpredictable.

With all that said....I would like to introduce "Emma", my beautiful dollhouse doll from Lisa Johnson Richards in the UK. I believe she was modeled after Gwenyth Pawltrow's movie version of the Jane Austen novel. Seated beside her is a lovely little siamese cat I bought from Reve through ebay, she is fuzzy and has whiskers that make her look like a real kitten, so sweet.