Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am spending my weekend trying to put together some of the numerous furniture kits I bought last week. I am absolutely amazed at the delicacy and detail! I am so pleased and will definitely seek out more kits. They are so much fun and so inexpensive on ebay. I think all the kits were made in the 1970 and it seems a lot of people collected them but never made them up. The kits are labeled " The House of miniatures", but I have seen many kits on ebay I would like to try. I just wish our postal strike would end soon so I can get some of my little parcels in the mail.


  1. Hello Skulptress! Love your little kits in fact I adore your whole blog - we seem to have really similar tastes, Jane Newman, Janet Granger... I adore finely made miniatures & it is so good to 'meet' someone likeminded! Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog - I am delighted it led me to yours! Have a wonderful weekend! Sending best wishes & 'mini hugs' from the UK! :) x

  2. Grab the House of Miniatures kits when you see them if they are going to be useful for you, because people snatch them up. I have managed to get some and they are good, as long as you use a sanding sealer or something to get a really smooth finish because the grain can be rather open. I love the way they make up so well. Those chairs are great.