Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of lovely new miniatures!!

I have so much to tell you and to show you!!!  This week has been a mini bonanza....
Firstly I received my new smaller Jane Newman dresser as my other one was a bit big for my tiny doll house kitchen.  This one should fit much nicer.  Now I have to work on getting more Stokesay ware to fill it.

I also received a whole bunch of new Royalty plates as I am a Royalty nut.  My mum and dad just returned for a trip to Britain and I had ordered some Staffordshire Royalty china to commemorate the
Diamond Jubilee. They transported it back from England and saved me the postage costs.
I managed to find a Royal Staffordshire miniature plate that matches my china so I had to have it.
-did you see my little William and Kate biscuit tin on the bottom of the dresser?

 Last but in no ways least, my new Lisa Johnson-Richards doll Jane arrived!!!!  Isn't she beautiful???  She has come to live with her sister Emma in my little (soon to be finished?, maybe?) doll house....
She is very similar to Emma and they both are sporting their beautiful crisp white regency gowns, but Jane has long sleeves and a shawl and Emma has long gloves.  Jane's hair is a lovely platinum colour where as Emma's hair is a lovely honey blonde.  I am thrilled beyond all belief!!  I felt poor Emma was a bit lonely and what better company than her own dear sister?  Here is a little secret.... Jane and Emma may be getting a wee baby soon!