Sunday, March 31, 2019

Miniature Laduree French Patisserie project

I am obsessed with the French Patisserie Laduree. Every since my first visit to Paris 10 years ago I have collected boxes, visited and gorged in every Ladurees I could get to. I have visited and photographed every restaurant in Paris including Versailles (not technically Paris, but close enough). I have also visited their location in Covent Gardens in England and most recently the new restaurant that opened up in Vancouver Canada. So now I need my own little Ladurees in miniature.

I have chosen to do it as a room box which I ordered from Victoria Miniland.  Unfortunately they did not my first choice for store front, but this one I think will serve the purpose and be just as lovely.
I am wanted to do this little project simply and have selected little battery operated lighting so I don't need to wire it. Really I just want a simple project to play in.
This will be my counter,  although this picture is not it quite in it's finished state. See all my tiny macarons?? Aren't they sweet??

I wanted the look of the Laduree counter with the glass guard and lamps and that took some thinking on how I could achieve it simply using my limited skill set and brain power. I settled on glass slides and brass 1/8" angle plus curved round brass and glass beads for the lamps. The original plan was to add little shades, but I kind of like the look of the bare bulbs.  I used free counter top samples from the hardware store to mimic the look of the marble slabs.
I am working on creating all the tiny little boxes and ribbon rolls.

Had to share pics of SOME of the Laduree boxes I have collected in my travels at the end of this post.
Laduree Vancouver in January of this year with my long suffering husband who literally follows me to wherever I want to go. Luckily he is well fed for all his efforts. 

Now I am thinking that I may add a tea room over the top of my little Ladurees in the future.