Monday, March 25, 2013

Not so miniature

 If you look at the frequency of my posts, you might assume that I am bone idle, but alas that is not the case.  I just have too many things taking my focus away from miniatures.  My favorite distraction of course is dolls.  This is my resin Enchanted doll by Marina Bychkova.  I did have a porcelain one prior to this one but alas sold it.  (Selling that doll is my biggest regret and I will never forgive myself or get over it completely....oh, the drama).
Anyhooo... this is my new resin doll and I have just finished making her a beaded crown and I am quite chuffed with it as I think she looks rather handsome.  She is wearing a simple lawn dress as I am still working out the pattern for her real dress but I think I shall stick with this design, I feel it is quite regal.

I am expecting some miniatures by post but alas they seem to have gone awol and I am very upset about it because it contained a...  gasp Jane Newman table !  Admittedly it is very much like my other three Jane Newman tables, but still  slightly different.

  I did receive a china cabinet today, actually an "Empire style china cabinet with triple glazed doors, mirrored back and gilt decoration", can you tell who has been cataloguing antiques all day today?? It arrived broken, and my choices are to repair it and keep it or return it, pay the shipping back (which is about 1/4 of the price of the item).  I am keeping it but am a little miffed.