Saturday, October 27, 2012

Success at last!!!

I am finally able to say I am the proud owner of a pair of Jane Newman kitchen chairs and a smaller Jane Newman  table with a cutlery drawer that may actually fit better into my dollhouse kitchen.  I am so happy!!

I may have also given in to temptation and purchased yet another Jane Newman large dresser and duckboard table!  In my defense, maybe someone would like to trade the Jane Newman dresser for the medium sized one....anybody!!!

Waiting on Jane Newman/dollhouse cat

I am sitting here absolutely glued in place as I watch Ron Rhoads on-line auction waiting for lot 269.
I am growing weary and a little discouraged as I chase after all the Jane Newman miniature chairs available for sale across the globe.  Will today be the day when I finally own a pair?..... I will let you know as soon as I do.
In the meantime I have decided to post a picture of my attempt at constructing a dollhouse cat.  Okay, no laughing!!!  He is a little, shall we say, mangy looking. 

Picture with my scabby looking cat is a Siamese
kitten I bought of ebay from the seller Reve.  Isn't the kitten sweet?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Miniature knitting

 Look at how tiny the stitches are and how dainty the edge of the blanket is!
I don't know who made the dress on the right, but isn't it pretty too?
I wanted to share some of the miniature knitting I have acquired to go with my Roberson pram.  The pram blanket, christening gown, underslip, matinee coat plus a tiny bonnet, underpants and wee slippers were made by Virginia Sullivan.  They are exquisite and I am so pleased with them.  I commissioned her to make them after buying a little pram outfit on ebay from her.  I believe she goes by miniknits on ebay.  I can't even imagine how she manages to knit so tiny.  I can barely see the stitches let along knit them!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Cabinet

I am ashamed to say it but the only thing miniature wise I find I have time to do these days is shop!
I just purchased a beautiful antique mirrored back cabinet for my miniatures so I can enjoy them until the doll house is finished.  I have acquired some brilliant new minis including Stokesay ware, copper pan and meat dome plus my newish Roberson Royal pram which I have not shared until now.  I also had a wonderful woman in Great Britain knit a pram blanket and christening gown set for it but will show on another post very soon.... I hope very soon.

Beautiful Jane Newman and Stokesay ware

Lisa Johnson- Richard's doll Emma and Jane

Roberson Royal Pram