Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can a girl have too many shoes???

Haven't really gotten any work done on the dollhouse this week so I decided to show off my beautiful Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova. We are celebrating an anniversary of sorts, we have been together for over a year now. Had I known when I bought her that these dolls were going to be as hard to get as they are, I wouldn't have hesitated the millisecond that I did before purchasing her! She is a 13.5 inch fully articulated, steel strung porcelain doll. She is wearing a beautiful sterling silver corset and bra cups that were made for her by Marina Bychkova. I have since had some tiny rubies and diamonds added into her corset to give her a bit of subtle bling. She owns two pairs of sterling silver shoes both embellished with silk ribbons, rubies and pearls. I made her wig out of white mohair as I wanted her to have a Marie Antoinette touch about her. Also pictured are the shoes my beautiful Evangeline would like to own. Beautifully elegant gold shoes embellished in pink enamel. Enchanted dolls are very hard to get a hold off. I had traveled about 800 miles just to see one and when Marina walked in with three nude dolls to sell, I know I had to have one! So after I discussed very briefly with my husband and told him the price, I stepped over his fainted body and presented credit card. LOLOL...
Rumor has it that Enchanted dolls are collected in the art world as much as in the doll world. Louis Vuitton's shoe designer is a collector and the nude Enchanted doll that went on ebay for $40,000.00 last year was rumored to have been bought by Demi Moore... I don't know if that is true, but I would sure like to think so! Anyhow, there she is my Beautiful Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Warning: don't go to this website unless you are prepared to fall in love with something you may never get to own!!

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  1. She is amazingly beautiful. Wow, I wonder if Demi Moore did buy the ebay one?