Monday, March 14, 2011

Construction continues.....

This is the inside wall of the living room. The color isn't as baby blue as it appears in the pictures. Also picture of the front opening portion of the dollshouse. I chose to try and make it look like aged sandstone. At this stage of the project there are already things I would do much differently, but overall I think I am really happy with the project this far. We (my husband and I) are busily making maple striping for the hardwood floors in the dining which have to be installed before the dollhouse goes back together. My fingers are so sore from all the sawing and sanding!


  1. The aged sandstone looks great, and I love the contrast between the dark doors and the light blue.:)

  2. How nice to meet you!
    Beautiful things you can do it ♥ I am full of admiration!

  3. Thank you so much guys, I am so new at this but have jumped in both feet. So nice to meet you too!!!

  4. I just knew that your dollhouse would be special and you are proving me right. Love the aged sandstone (pristine finishes just don't look realistic, do they?) and the living room walls are so elegant.