Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bedroom Suite

I knew as soon as I saw this bedroom suite that it was the one for me and my little Georgian! It is lovely quality with tiny delicate brass pulls on every opening drawer. It is a warm stained mahogany wood and the grain shows up nicely. With a little pivoting mirror and delicate little silk covered chair, I think it is quite elegant without being too showy. Just perfect! There are other pieces to this suite including the most gorgeous Armoire with the inside all kitted out with lovely deep pull-out drawers. Unfortunately until I get the dollhouse back together, I won't know how much furniture the little bedroom will hold and with the addition of a fireplace to that small space, I am suspecting that I may have got it just right with this number of bedroom pieces.


  1. Would love to know where this came from, very realistic!

    Best wishes, Marina

    They have a lovely wardrobe to this set which I am sorry I didn't get. I will have to see how much room in available in the bedroom and will perhaps have to order it.