Sunday, February 27, 2011

Construction has begun!

The original text from this post has be deleted. I afraid that I may have offended those whom I wish least to offend. As per usual my poor judgment and timing are impeccable!


  1. With all due respect.... Perhaps you might want to read this before you decide artists think this is flattery.

    I assure you I would not find it flattering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Did a little research on that quote by Colton. And his meaning is not what most folks think...

    Anyway, you have a beautiful collection of furnishings for your new dollhouse and I am sure you will put your own unique touches to it. It will be lovely and I am eager to see it's progress.

    But I don't want to see a replica of Linda's house, nice as it is. I'd like to see your interpretation of a French household. My advice...don't look at her stuff anymore. Let your own creativity emerge!

    Have fun!


  3. Thanks to everyone that commented, you are right of course. It was never my intention to offend and shall decide whether or not to remove this post later today.