Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I know it has been awhile but work continues on the little French doll house.  The first of the three mansard roof windows is installed and the other two are ready to be assembled. All their components are ready to go. I could finish the exterior of the house quite quickly if I just buckle down and make time to get it done. I am looking forward to that bit.

I did work on another miniature project over the Christmas break. It was a little 1:44th scale house I picked up a few years ago at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in England. It is the Georgian Rectory from Templewood Miniatures, www.fineflowersinminiature.com
It it such a lovely little project and I am thoroughly pleased with the results, but it was a challenge. It actually took 3 full days to complete.
The kit came complete with miniature, wee tiny painting and frames, little rugs and lino for hallways and kitchen. I must admit, I used many bright coloured paints and every accessory the kit provided. 

You may notice that you are seeing the front parts of the staircase in one view and the back in the other. That is because the house open on both sides so you can see a full view of your work.

 This is the view from the other side, notice the wee little fireplaces. 


  1. Que trabajo tan bonito has hecho con la rectoría,ha quedado fabulosa!!

  2. Hello Sculptress,
    What a terrific job you did assembling the 144th scale house. It is such a beautiful building and is has wonderful detail. Well done.
    Big hug

  3. Good Morning, So happy to see your post! The scale Georgian build is really lovely, the pictures turned out so well with the sunshine highlighting the windows and floors.

    I am looking forward to seeing progress on the French house.
    Hope it is not too cold in Edmonton,
    Regards Janine in BC

    1. Thank you! Today has been a little frigid but hope springs eternal and I have book him indoors and I a trip to Victoria on the 1st of Feb. for a few days. Will you please keep your weather mild for us.

  4. Una casa preciosa , esa escala enamora:-)

  5. Gracias! Es una escala tan adorable para trabajar, y es tan fácil encontrar un lugar para ella.

  6. The Windows for the French House look wonderful! I love Lea's book and maybe someday I will try to build her projects too! The tiny kit is Awesome!!! I am dabbling in the 144th scale too and I am glad you gave the source for your kit! I just might have to try that one! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That's a lovely little kit and a beautiful house. Must go to the site and have a little look as my sister's into this scale so thanks for the link.

  8. How Delightful! Your tiny Georgian mansion is as detailed as one in 12th scale!