Saturday, July 23, 2011

Duncan Fyfe window seat and needlework

Little Duncan Fyfe window seat kit made from a kit with one of Christy Repasy's ( with her permission) paintings printed on fabric for the seat. Christy's painting are incredible! I love everything she does and now she has even painted fabric and covered a full size chair in beautiful roses on her website. I have also printed off some tiny pictures of hers onto watercolour paper to grace the walls of my dollhouse to be. Sooo pretty!!!
Check her out at


  1. I can't believe how sweet your little bench came out!thanks for the link! XO Christie

  2. How very generous of Christie. And your Duncan Phyfe window seat is stunning with the print of her roses painting on the seat. I recognise the designs of the cushions on it too. Did you do the needlework?