Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden roombox

I just received an email from and had to share it. It is the prettiest garden room box ready to be finished. A lot of the blogs I follow include the loveliest little flowers and plants that would look so beautiful in this setting!
The cost of this little French Garden vignette is $90 which I think is really reasonable.
I won't be buying one as I may have already treated myself this month...year etc.


  1. Looks great, you could make a lot of things inside that romboox! :)
    Belen ♥

  2. It is beautiful and very rarely seen! Decorated must be wonderful!

  3. I agree! All sorts of possibilities! Many thanks for posting this lovely little room box! :) x

  4. Oh yes, wish I had found your blog close to the time - the roombox is very reasonably priced and the possibilities are so many. Thanks for alerting us to this site.