Monday, June 2, 2014

Home Terra Firma

We are now back on home turf after a lovely week in Paris where my son Michael married our beautiful new daughter Becky in the gardens behind the Eiffel Tower.
What felt like a lovely, touching and intimate ceremony was actually witnessed by dozens of on-lookers who erupted in applause and loud cheering after the kiss at the end.  It was the perfect end to a magical moment.  The newly weds have now managed to shake off the parents and are now honeymooning on their own in Paris for another week.  I believe Euro Disney is next on the list of things to do.

Of course no trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to my beloved Laduree shop (typical tourist eh?).  I managed a trip to their flagship store on Champs Elysee where I envisioned myself strolling in and browsing at my leisure all their wonderful offerings.  Not so!  We went on a very, very busy Saturday afternoon and it was the most stressful event of my life.  We had to line up outside the door and wait our turn to be let in and then my little mind was racing as I tried desperately to take it all in and make a decision and be ready to order when my turn came.  I think I did alright though.... but a little more time would have nice.

One of the best surprises was when I opened the beautiful "L'Esprit decoration Laduree, Paris" book.  It contained a pop-up paper Laduree vignette that is so beautiful.  It is sitting on my sideboard weighted down with paperweights and then I will slip it into my doll cabinet in between all my tiny antique mignonette dolls.

 It even has little tiny mirrors behind the flower arrangements on the wall of the salon.


  1. How romantic and a fabulous way to begin marriage. And I love your Laduree purchases, what a shame it was so busy and stressful, well worth the visit though.

  2. Hello sculptress,
    Congratulations to your son and new daughter. they look beautiful in the picture and I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon. The pop out is just wonderful! It looks like a great book.
    Big hug,

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple :) How wonderful for everyone to be in Paris in the spring time. A pity that your trip to Laduree what such a drama but pretty things you took home, especially that fabulous book, are a reward for your persistence.

  4. Thank you everyone. Real life is all too real. It is like a dream, a couple of days back to work and it is like it never happened. The happy couple are still in Paris and posting enviable pictures daily including...wait for it... THE Most fabulous doll house shop that I missed!!! Oh, well, I guess I need to go again someday. Not too soon though or my credit card company will either sent the police or a big thank you fruit basket.

  5. Congratulations to the happy couple! And how lucky that you had an excuse to go to Paris...yes, it is expensive, but Paris is always a good idea ;)

    What an exquisitely beautiful book. True to my roots, I am a sucker for pretty illustrations of all things French!