Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Upside/downside of everyday in an auction house

 Sometimes things come into the auction house that you just can't resist, especially if they are going for a song during the sale.  This Asian inspired antique mahogany cabinet called to me when I first saw it at the estate.  I had problems but so much potential. I like not only the style but the fact that there was so much display room and a cut out middle shelf for displaying taller treasures.

  The day after the sale I stopped and picked up some fabric on my way into work and proceeded to strip and reline the back and shelves in a beautiful robin's egg blue (it looks paler in the pictures.)
It also received some minor repairs to it's finish, plus a little oil to freshen up the finish  plus a tiny blue tassel for it's key and today I brought it home. I loaded it up with some of pretty porcelain I have been collecting over the last few years (Yes, I may have a slight porcelain  addiction... did I say slight?)  I am so pleased with my efforts and everything looks so pretty, I love the pretty candy colours!! and it fits in so nicely exactly where I wanted it to! 

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  1. Love your display cupboard makeover and all of your delectable collection of porcelain. I think you have my dream job, working at an auction house!