Friday, April 12, 2013

New curio cabinet and doll shoes.

A bought a little cupboard to showcase some of the pretty things I have just sitting in boxes waiting on the dollhouse.  I don't think I will ever finish it!  There really isn't that much to do, but I am working too many hours to find the time to do anything these day... with the exception of internet shopping.  I always manage to find time for that.  Speaking of internet, I have managed to set my google to a language I don't understand and can't seem to get rid of it, plus I can't get into my email.  Some people shouldn't be let loose with technology and I am one of them.

I may have finally purchased the one Jane Newman dresser that seemed to always elude me!  I am excited and can't wait until it arrives, only problem I haven't heard back from the seller and there is no tracking number.  I am a little nervous.
Although not miniature related I have decided that you all have to see my Enchanted doll's new sterling silver Art Nouveau helmet and because a girl can't have too many shoes, we have been shopping for those too.... I don't think I would ever spend as much on a pair of shoes for myself!  One pair is sterling silver and matches her helmet, there is a pair of Rose gold shoes and a pair of gold and pink enameled shoes.  They are so wee and pretty!


  1. Love your dolls, the cabinet is gorgeous and those shoes do look expensive but so pretty. I had to laugh at your quandary with google, hope you have managed to get English back. Sounds like something I might do and my ever-patient partner would fix it for me,hehe.

  2. Nope and I even had a kid over here trying to fix the email, no luck and the cable mail provider got frustrated and hung up on us!!! I am just going to get my mail from the ipad and am considering purchasing an English to Portuguese dictionary.

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  4. Such a good idea to display your pretty miniatures in a cabinet. It looks very luxurious. The dolls are very refined and the shoes....those are great!

  5. The first scene is wonderful! I really like your elegant cabinet.
    The shoes are fantastic.
    Bye, Faby

  6. Hello Skulptress,
    I think we all feel the same at one point, but do not sepair, one day it will be finished. The helmet is gorgeous! It makes me think of the head piece worn by princess Turandot in the opera of the same name. The detail is stunning! And I love the shoes.
    Big hug,