Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crystal Chandelier have arrived.

I think these are the loveliest dollhouse chandeliers. I bought a 6 arm chandelier and a 3 arm chandelier for my soon to be french dollhouse. I am already starting to collect things. I can't wait to see them all lit up! The crystal just sparkle and are so delicate. I ordered them from HongKong and they only took about a week to arrive. I have also ordered some beautiful staircases from the same company and am looking forward to them coming soon as well.


  1. Beautiful Jayne............. I can't wait to see them in situ too :o) xxx

  2. I have these wonderful light in the 'petite maison'.....I think they are perfect!

  3. I have these chandeliers too, put away for one of my houses. I just love them to bits.